About Megatrend University


The history of Megatrend University in Serbia has begun in 1989. This University has been unique from the beginning on: first, a handful of renowned scholars from Western advanced capitalist economies provided essential assistance for creation of a new private university aiming at bringing up young people as 'pioneers' in pursuing system transformation in Serbia. They formed at the beginning of the university the core part of staff with abundant expertise in teaching and research. This means the globalization of higher education at enhanced quality level was the starting point of Megatrend University; second, these foreign experts were specialists in management science, economics, political science, law, comparative religion, engineering, mathematics, etc. These scholars have helped Megatrend University developed along with the trajectory of consilience of different disciplines; third, Megatrend University was built upon the principle of decentralization entailing 7 detachments in local towns which contributed to keeping young people from drifting from the land.

Today, Megatrend University with 28.000 students and more than 500 faculty members is comprised of 11 Faculties, 3 Colleges, a Virtual University, an Institute for New Technologies and a TV station called Metropolis. The students can study at 8 campuses in 6 local towns and cities in Serbia (Belgrade, Zajecar, Backa Topola, Poazrevac, Valjevo, Vrsac). Megatrend University additionally organizes professional and academic studies, as well as specialist, master and doctoral studies in several academic and scientific disciplines (Business, International Economics, Management, Art and Design, Culture and Media, Bio-Farming, Public Administration, Computer Science).

Megatrend University has been incarnating a vision of modern, best quality and society-instrumental education. This inspired the first project of postgraduate studies in the field of management in Central and South-East Europe, which was implemented in 1991 in cooperation of Megatrend Business School and Technical Faculty of Bor, and financed by the EU TEMPUS funds, aimed at further qualifying business executives.

In 1994 Megatrend University became a full member of the Global University Network (NEWS). The 2013 Conference will be hosted by Megatrend University. The Megatrend University and its Rector have been in close association with Euro-Asia Management Studies Association since its foundation in 1982. In January 2003 Megatrend University became a member of the Universities’ Community of Serbia.

Megatrend Review since 2002 is a bi-annual scholarly journal enjoying a high reputation abroad focusing on applied economics and management science. Further, Megatrend University has been closely associated with the publication series "Global Cultural and Economic Research" (LIT Berlin).

Megatrend students have the opportunity to learn from the well renowned lecturers, using up-to-date textbooks and literature. They acquire knowledge necessary for setting up a successful career in the fields of business, economics, management, public administration at national and international level, culture and media, art and design, computer science, bio-farming. Many of those educated within our educational system are renowned experts in the mentioned fields, and are the best quality.
Megatrend University is the winner of many prestigious domestic and international awards among which is the quality award by American Quality Association – AQA, as well as European Quality Award, both awarded in 2008. In March 2010 Megatrend University was also awarded the prestigious "Vuk Karadzic" Award for its lasting contribution to science, education and culture in Serbia.

Graduate School for Business in Zajecar of Megatrend University was selected among the top 500 business schools in the world by the International Scientific Committee of the ED UNIVERSAL OFFICIAL SELECTION SYSTEM in November 2009. EDUNIVERSAL is an organization that provides global accreditation to high education institutions in the world.

The globalization of Megatrend University continued incessantly. First, in 2010 West London Business School, Megatrend University, which is now operating as a Recruitment Center followed by  the Institut De Management De Bozinoff in Paris and  the Teogaku Post-Graduate Institute in Tokyo. The further essential yardstick for continuing globalization is the launch of the Megatrend International University of Vienna providing BA and MA courses in Management Sciences and Diplomacy/International Relations which attract students worldwide.